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    Dag Erik has started a journey at the tv-show The Voice Norway on TV2, With his charm and talent, he mezmerises both mentors and audience. He started the Blind audition with the song I'm Not Supposed To Love You Anymore by Bryan White, and in the Duet he sang the wonderful song Need You Now by Lady A together with Trine Bariås-Kvitstein. Dag Erik won the round, and we saw him again 21st of April when he won the Knockout round, singing a tribute to his dear mother and supporter with Look At Us by Vince Gill.

    In the first live performance in the show, Dag Erik's version of the Jason Isbell song, Cover Me Up, got both judges, family and audience to tear up, when he went on to the next round, where he sang Dancing on the Ceiling. In the competition to go to the semi-finals he sang Won't Go Near You Again by Norwegian artist Unni Wilhelmsen, and with that he ended his journey amongst the top 6, with the tinyest margin to reach the final.

    Eurovision Song Contest

    Dag Erik did the duet "Judge Tenderly of Me" with Anne Fagermo in the Eurovision Song Contest in 2024, and completed a journey that ended with an honorable 5th place. The evening in Trondheim Spektrum, where they performed the song in front of 8,500 people, was an enormous experience. -"I will take this with me for the rest of my life!", said Dag Erik.

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Country artist, Dag Erik Oksvold (1978) from Norway, started his solo career with his debut single “Love you more” in 2021. He was born and raised in Fosen, where he also got introduced to music by his father and brother. At the age of six, Oksvold started playing drums and was joining school bands.

After studying drums at Musikkonservatoriet in Kristiansand (1999-2004), he moved to Oslo, working as a freelancer. Besides working, he fell in love with country music after hearing Bryan White and Buck Owens for the first time. Not long afterwards, he moved to Trondheim to take a bachelor’s degree in property management.

In addition, as a regular drummer in Tre Små Kinesere, band member of Thomas Løseth, band member in the Norwegian TV- show «Hver gang vi møtes» (1st Season) and tours with among others Idol, Norway's Got Talent, the TV2 series «Gyllene Tider», he has proven himself to be a respected musician.

Through his livestream-concert, “Køntrihalvtimen” in 2020, he made his name in Nashville, where he also received recognition from Billboard-listed Bryan White, who previously introduced him to country music.

Over the years he has developed a stronger bond with country-music and his vision of what path to take has become more clear.
In 2023 he participated in The Voice of Norway, and ended top 6, with a minimal margin to reach the final.

«It is the best real country thing I have heard in a long, long time.»
Joe Kelly, President of CDX

«Man I really like your singing and your records. It’s old school, the way I like it. Thanks for letting me play on your music».
Gary Carter, steelgitar player and Nashville musician

«I really enjoyed listening to your music. Great voice, well written, solid production. Your songwriting is amazing.»
Dag Hager

«This is modern countrypop of great quality, very good vocal work, soothing violin and steel, and a real twang on the guitar. If any great country artists are coming to Trondheim next year, Oksvold & Co are natural candidates for the warm-up gig.»
Ole Jakob Hoel, Adresseavisen

Upcoming concerts

  • 9. December

    Levanger, NO
    Havna Scene

    5. October

    Stjørdal, NO
    Søndre Kulturhjørne

    16. September

    Private event

    3. September

    Åfjord, NO

    30. August

    Private event

    25. August

    Trondheim, NO

    24. August

    Trondheim, NO

    24. August

    Private event

    22. August

    Private event

    20. August

    Røra, NO
    Låven på Steinstad

    11. August

    Tornes, NO
    Tornes Countryfestival

    5. August

    Sula, NO

    14. July

    Breim, NO
    Norsk Countrytreff

    8. July

    Nordøyan, NO
    Pubkveld i Nordøyan

    1. July

    Jørpeland, NO
    Villa Rosehagen

    30. Juni

    Ogna, NO
    Ogna Scene

    29. Juni

    Hommersåk, NO
    GOE Helg sports- og musikkbar

    9. June

    Bjugn, NO
    Bjugn Kulturhus

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